In&Out Cooking is one of the winners of the Global Innovation Awards (GIA)

Published : 04/24/2020
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In&Out Cooking is one of the winners of the Global Innovation Awards (GIA)

In&Out Cooking is the best retail store in the household goods category in Portugal, and the international winner of the best e-commerce store award for excellence in online retail trade.

Created by the International Housewares Association (IHA) and in collaboration with North America's largest housewares trade fair, The Inspired Home Show, the Global Innovation Awards (GIA) promote innovation and excellence in the trade of household items around the world.

Every year in March, more than 52,000 homewares professionals from over 130 countries gather in Chicago to discover new products and trends in the household products industry, as well as to learn about top retail brands. More than 460 stores from 48 different countries in 6 continents have been distinguished, since its launch in 2000.

The competition is structured nationally and globally and co-sponsored by the International Housewares Association (IHA), along with more than 30 commercial publications, which sponsor national GIA programs in their respective countries.

The juries, appointed by the commercial publications of each country, select the national winners, who participate in the global competition that takes place at The Inspired Home Show event in March every year. In 2020, the awards ceremony was postponed and held online, by live stream, for security matters, to facilitate access.

In the 2019/2020 edition, In&Out Cooking, co-sponsored by 4Home Menaje, is part of a 32 winners’ panel from several countries around the world, distinguished by their vision and strategy, store design and layout, merchandising, marketing, advertising and promotion, as well as customer service and innovative business practices.

In&Out Cooking was one of the great winners of this initiative, being awarded, at a national level, as the best retail store in the home and houseware retail excellence category. In&Out Cooking also won, at an international level, the best e-commerce store by excellence in online retailing (Digital Commerce Award for Excellence in Online Retailing).

These awards are certainly a great reason to be proud and make us all believe that our work is producing very positive outcomes and achieving visibility in our country and across borders.

To the whole team and all our customers, friends and partners: thank you so very much!

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