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Your presentations set you apart! Create chocolate figures to decorate your home-made desserts or use them to accompany coffee. Perfect for celebrations and special moments, as well as for a family activity with children. The kit consists of a transparent baking sheet, templates with drawings, a Decopen with two different nozzles and a recipe booklet.

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MaterialsBPA-free platinum silicone.
Measures (cm)35x30.
Care InstructionsDishwasher safe.

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The Kit includes 3 templates with drawings and a fourth with letters and numbers. Choose whichever you like best and place it under the transparent baking sheet. Melt the chocolate, fill the Decopen and draw the figure following the template you have chosen. Let it cool, remove carefully and it is ready to use. The templates are plastic coated so they will not wear out with use. The baking sheet and the Decopen are made of platinum silicone, making them suitable for use in the oven and the dishwasher.




Lékué history began in the 1970s, when it produced silicone for other brands products, being the 2005 the year of change. With the entrance of new capital and a new management team, the company strongly marked identity, revolutionizing the world of cooking to create practical, functional products but also recognizable and fun, distancing itself completely from the competition. Feeling good is a consequence of a healthy and balanced diet.

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