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Spanish cookbook survival for novice cooks.
This book will allow you to survive without your mother's tupper, feeding you in a healthy and rich way.
You will not believe yourself that you are able to cook!

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You will never have to choose again between fast food and healthy food. Lekué with its cookbook for beginners and its steam cases will allow you to eat healthy and quickly. Organizing the purchase weekly will help you a lot, before going to the supermarket make a list of recipes and ingredients of the week, and you will not end up eating the first thing you´ll find in the bottom of your refrigerator.



Lékué history began in the 1970s, when it produced silicone for other brands products, being the 2005 the year of change. With the entrance of new capital and a new management team, the company strongly marked identity, revolutionizing the world of cooking to create practical, functional products but also recognizable and fun, distancing itself completely from the competition. Feeling good is a consequence of a healthy and balanced diet.

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