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Book 'La Guía de Lékué'.
A decade after the launch of the Microwave Cooker, Lekue wants to share all the knowledge they have learned through this book, a guide that will help you to discover all the possibilities that the microwave offers when it comes to cooking. With this book create without any limitations and enjoy exquisite dishes.

A new book focused on ingredients with: 30 vegetables – 9 cereals and starch – 19 fish and seafood – 4 fruits – 62 new recipes and 10 recipes only with the microwave cooker. This new book shows how versatile the microwave cooker can be The product you're going to cook and a reference at the time of purchase if required.

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CollectionLa Guía de Lékué

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You will find information about: - The type of cut that is used. - The amount in cups, tablespoons, or units, depending on the type of cut. - Rack: whether necessary or not. - The liquid to be added, if needed for cooking. - The cooking time suggested and some cooking instructions. - Culinary Use: example of culinary use of the food, using simple ingredients and processes. This is a recommendation for using the product.



Lékué history began in the 1970s, when it produced silicone for other brands products, being the 2005 the year of change. With the entrance of new capital and a new management team, the company strongly marked identity, revolutionizing the world of cooking to create practical, functional products but also recognizable and fun, distancing itself completely from the competition. Feeling good is a consequence of a healthy and balanced diet.

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