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    Cappuccino Cup Red Clay 250ml - Ti Amo. Enjoy an cappuccino in this beautiful cup. The Ti Amo collection by Asa Selection is a true declaration of love for coffee. The excellent pastel colors flatter the coffee and are beautifully placed on a table. The soft shapes fits comfortably in the hand and invite you to enjoy.

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    Cake Pan with Lid Ø25cm - Picnic. PICNIC cake pan with lid is perfect for trips to the beach or the forest. The cake pan has a non-stick coating, making it hassle-free to get the cake out of the pan. If you put the lid on, it is easy to bring the cake with you without first having to cut it into smaller pieces and put them in other storage boxes. This...

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    Charcoal Barbecue - Nevada. This perfectly designed and engineered grill has a 48cm x 25cm primary cooking grate. It comes with an anthracite enamel with Teflon surface for a quality finish and easy cleaning. The aluminum coated tray is heat resistant and is ideally equipped to hold hot charcoal or briquettes. The extremely sturdy 6mm chrome grill is...

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    Gas Barbecue 2 Burners 30MB - Performance Core B2. Compact gas grill for a successful experience every time! Stainless steel burners quickly raise the temperature of the grill. The innovative and unique TRU-Infrared™ technology distributes heat evenly, making your food up to 50% more juicy! SureFire ignition is initiated at the touch of a button, allowing...

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    Set of 2 Napkin Rings - BarkRing.

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    Jack Daniels wood smoking chips are made from the white oak barrels used to age Jack Daniel's Whiskey. They will add a distinctive flavour of Jack Daniel´s Whiskey to your grilled food.

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    Set of 6 Champagne Glasses - Privé Flûte. Icon of the professional world, the sommeliers champagne flute Privè is characterised by a rounded sinuous shape. The wide open mouth shape allows the wine to be directed onto the central part of the tongue so that the fragrances open up in the mouth. The pronounced pointed bottom of the flûte, as in all the other...

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    Butter Knife - Wood Acacia. The Wood collection from Asa Selection can be combined perfectly with white and colorful dishes - an attraction that evokes warmth and naturalness. Wood is a natural and unique product - so each piece is a unique piece!

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    Stackable Popsicles Moulds (4Un) Assorted. Stackable moulds for making healthy and natural homemade ice cream. Its design allows stacking, saving freezer space. The lid will protect popsicles from smells. It includes easy recipes REF: including lactose-free recipes REF: and a stick for each mould. Their horizontal position allows for easier and more...

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    Set of two figurines Tiny Little Sheep in porcelain. Hand-decorated. The Presepe Alessi has been enriched over the years with an array of new colours and characters, becoming a major attraction for collectors and lovers of Christmas.

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    Set of 3 pieces of stainless steel compact cutlery perfect for eating on the go. The silicone band keeps the cutlery neatly together to make it easier to carry. They fit neatly together inside Lékué's LunchBox To Go.

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    Prepare healthy and original home-made popcorn in just 2-3 minutes in the microwave. Too easy! Simply add corn, without any fat, and place the bowl in the microwave. Then just add what you want and you can eat directly. Have a good time!

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