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Even on the coldest days, be sure to enjoy your outdoor space. Discover our outdoor heating solutions and enjoy!

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Even on the coldest days, be sure to enjoy your outdoor space. Discover our outdoor heating solutions and enjoy!


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    Revolving holder indicated for model Firepit/Barbecue 9000. Made of high-quality stainless steel, allows regulating the height of the grill, keeping the cooking plates at a correct distance of the fire, to cook your food at the right point.

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    The fire bowl 9400 is specially designed for the Dancook 9500. With a diameter of 72cm it offers the possibility to hold a lot of charcoal and form a really big fire. During summer nights this product can especially be used to get family and friends together to enjoy a late BBQ or hangout by the fire. A rusting of the shell is almost impossible due to a...

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    Enjoy the nature and the outdoors in family with this barbecue. Simple and practical design. It can be used with both charcoal and firewood. Use it as a barbecue and as a fireplace, all at the same time. Its edges do not heat up, to avoid possible accidents with children. You have the possibility to add several accessories.

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    The barbecue pan can be used with both the Dancook 1800, 1900 and 9000. This nifty stainless steel pan sits over your firepit and allows you to cook a whole host of different food, whether it's paella, a hearty stew or just beans. The barbecue pan sits perfectly into the revolving holder (DC110100).

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    The Spark guard 9000 will protect the whole family from strong flames or embers. Tailored to fit onto your Dancook 9000 fireplace, the purpose built design will hold the grid or barbecue pan above the fireplace away from direct contact with flames.

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    The tripod is specially designed for the bonfire 9400, it offers a very special barbecue experience. The swivel grill which is made of stainless steel and steel, convinces with its clear design and high quality. The operation of the grill is very simple since it can be easily controlled by a handle. If you wish, you can purchase the following: Fireplace +...

    181,62 €
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