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Is it possible to make a potato omelette in the microwave? Yes, it is not only possible, it is healthy and delicious. The Spanish Omelette allows you to cook an omelette without oil in just 15 minutes. The result is a healthier potato omelette, with a recipe that can be reproduced by any level of cook.
The potato omelet is undoubtedly one of the most universal recipes of the Spanish cuisine. We all love it, but we eat it a lot less than we would like... The time it takes to prepare it and the amount of fat it includes are the main reasons. To think that we do not know how to do it well is another great handicap. The Spanish Omelette allows any cook, novice to be successful with his omelette. Dare yourself!

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MaterialsPlatinum silicone, BPA free
Measures (cm)25x19x5
Capacity (ml)800
Care InstructionsDishwasher safe

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In 15 minutes you will have a great omelet, using a single box, without messing pans and practically without oil. The result is a tasty tortilla, much healthier than the one you cook in a pan and with a much shorter preparation time. You can also use the box to make other preparations such as frittatas or French tortillas, let yourself be guided by the recipe book that is included. When you finish cooking you just have to put the mold in the dishwasher and enjoy!




Lékué history began in the 1970s, when it produced silicone for other brands products, being the 2005 the year of change. With the entrance of new capital and a new management team, the company strongly marked identity, revolutionizing the world of cooking to create practical, functional products but also recognizable and fun, distancing itself completely from the competition. Feeling good is a consequence of a healthy and balanced diet.

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