Back to Work & School: Restart safely

Published : 09/05/2020
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Back to Work & School: Restart safely

Vacations are over and it’s time to prepare the return to school for kids and your back to work, if you haven’t returned yet. This new start must be done safely and consciously so it doesn’t compromise your health and the others. For this reason, we have selected some products in the Back to Work&School - Safely - Promotion valid from August 25th to September 30th 2020. Save up to 30% off on select items

First, the most important safety norm: the protective mask. Guzzini's Eco-Friendly Protective Mask is durable and reusable thanks to the high quality plastic materials and the ability to easily remove and replace the multilayer filter, lasting 1 working day (8 hours). The filtering power is greater than 95%. It is a valid and ecological alternative to disposable masks. There are several colors and sizes available for kids and adults.

Additionally, we also suggest you to bring your daily meals prepared from home, because it is safer, healthier and cheaper. We have several models of lunch boxes, easily adaptable to your meals and for kids meals, like snacks or lunches. Check out our suggestions!

Lunch Box Food à Porter, Alessi

'Food à Porter' is a lunch box that does not look like a lunch box. It was designed for those who are busy, but do not want to forget the pleasure of taking a break with their favourite foods.

Salad Lunch Box Zero, Guzzini

ZERØ is the new Guzzini salad lunch box: an innovative sphere available in two versions, chilled and ambient, which contains a real table setting, allowing users to lunch anywhere they may be.

Lunch Box Set With Cutlery Store&Go, Guzzini

The set comprises the Store&Go lunch box, incorporating two nesting rectangular containers with capacity up to 900ml, allowing different types of food to be divided to avoid cross-contamination of flavours, thanks to a handy lid.

2 in 1 Lunch Box GoEat Compact, Joseph Joseph

This cleverly designed space-saving lunch box includes 3 different compartments to store the different elements of your lunch, then after use it compacts down so you can easily carry home. The smart silicone lid has a locking collar to keep the food fresh and safe inside.

Jar To Go, Lekue

Includes a collapsible cup for keeping ingredients dry and separately to make the mixture just before consumption. Perfect for taking away soups, snacks or desserts and eating straight from the container.

To keep food fresh and easily transport it to the office, school or even to a park, always put your lunch box in thermal bags.

And, because drinks are also part of our daily lives, it can be taken from home in environmentally friendly, reusable, thermal or normal bottles or cups.

Now, as we are going to start a period of new beginnings, why not take advantage and change some of our habits? Be more sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Until September 30th, discover these and other suggestions in our brochure.
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