Clef du Vin: The key to aging your wine

Published : 10/18/2020
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Clef du Vin: The key to aging your wine

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to age a wine with just one gesture and in a few seconds?
Clef du Vin is an instrument that allows you to instantly know the aging potential of your wines. It may seem controversial, but Clef du Vin was tested and studied for 10 years before being released. Patented by Peugeot Saveurs, it is effective in all types of wines: white, sparkling, rosé, red, sweet wine.

How does it work?
Pour a glass of wine, taste and memorize the flavors. Dip the Wine aging Tool disc in the wine and taste again. Every second of contact with the wine corresponds to a year of aging. If, after several contacts, the wine still keeps its qualities, or if indeed it improves, it has very good aging potential and is worth keeping. If the wine loses its precious qualities after just one or two seconds of contact, it has no aging potential. You can repeat this operation, second after second, until there are clear signs of decline in the wine. This allows you to determine the aging potential and to decide whether to keep the wine.

The Wine aging tool can also allow you to enjoy a wine that is too young, without having to wait. However, Clef du Vin does not do magic, he cannot turn a bad wine into a good wine. It is important to be aware of the quality of the wine you are going to drink and that aging through this tool is not the same as natural aging.

The reactions of wine lovers have been truly satisfying. Even the most skeptical about the power of the Wine aging Tool confess to being surprised. The admirable power of this utensil gives the opportunity to taste the different ages of a bottle of wine, allowing a different and fun tasting, perfect to do with family and friends.

The Clef du Vin will delight any wine lover. So, if you are a true wine lover, or if you are thinking of someone who would love to try this tool, take a look at our store.

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