Designer of the month - Marianne Brandt

Published : 10/13/2020
Categories : Designers

Designer of the month - Marianne Brandt

Marianne Brandt was born on October 1, 1893 and died on June 18, 1983. The German artist studied at the Bauhaus art school in Weimar and was the only woman working at the Bauhaus Mettalwerkstatt. Her objects are a notable example of her research to simplify the industrial processes of spinning and printing.

Marianne Brandt is a full artist who has worked in most varied areas like painting, sculpture, photography and design. The recognition of her work nowadays is the result of her works in those areas. Currently we still see her creations’ simplicity present in her drawns and in materials’ choices.

To celebrate the German school of arts and architecture, Bauhaus, which was at the origin of the modern movement in design and architecture, Alessi reproduced a selection of objects created by some of the protagonists of this school, like Marianne Brandt, who inside the metal workshop created iconic and elegant pieces, such as coffee and tea sets, tea infusers, ashtrays and others using expensive materials such as silver and ebony... Discover them in our store.

Find these and other products from the first woman who worked at the German art school, Bauhaus and be amazed.
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