Designer of the month - Norman Foster

Published : 06/01/2020
Categories : Designers

Designer of the month - Norman Foster

This month, we celebrate the designer and architect Norman Foster. Born on June 1, 1935, in Manchester, he graduated from the University of Manchester School of Architecture in 1961. He received a scholarship to Yale University in the United States of America, where he completed his PhD in architecture.

His work is characterized by the use of technologically innovative solutions and extreme attention to every detail. The use of construction systems similar to those used in the heavy industry helps to confer a technological or high-tech nature. Foster is one of the most prestigious architects in the world, author of several emblematic buildings in several cities in Europe, USA or Hong Kong.

In 1999, he was awarded the Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel Prize in architecture. In 2004, the 30 St. Mary Axe building in London, designed by Foster, was awarded the Stirling Prize by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

In addition to his numerous architectural projects, Norman Foster has also collaborated on different design projects with prestigious European brands, such as Stelton A/S, available at our In & Out Cooking store. This brand brings together several pieces of his authorship in the Norman Foster collection.

Norman Foster's collection brings together simple sculptural shapes and soft geometry to create exceptionally crafted tableware, for a wide range of configurations. Through rounded, curved and lightweight shapes, Foster has designed elegant cups, wine glasses, coffee and teacups, trays, plates, decanters and jars.

Among them, we highlight the Foster Dish - Norman Foster Inox and Gold from Stelton. In this collection, he combined mirrored stainless steel and bronze, creating a fancier look for the pieces. Besides the plate, the collection includes other equally elegant and unique pieces.

The Stelton Norman Foster Stainless Steel Coffeemaker is part of the Norman Foster Stainless Steel collection. These are complemented by coffee cups, a sugar bowl, a thermos and a jug of water made of porcelain and glass. While the material is quite different, the collection is joined by the use of soft, rounded silhouettes - which Foster describes as the 'strength of the curve'.

The bottle - Stelton White Foster - with the long and slender silhouette, ensures that the drinks are served in a highly elegant way. The curved top and thin neck resemble the graceful shapes of a swan. The base, 10.5 cm wide, ensures that the bottle is very stable. It is perfect for daily use, to serve water, juice or wine.

These are just some of our best suggestions. Check out all the pieces of this partnership between Norman Foster and Stelton in our online store.
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