In&Out Cooking Suggestions - World Children's Day

Published : 05/23/2020
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In&Out Cooking Suggestions - World Children's Day

On June 1st, we celebrate World Children's Day. The children who brighten up our days with their laughter and smiles. They show us what is truly important and what our future is all about. Discover our suggestions for your children on this special day.

Our first suggestion is an educational gift, the YOUR TREE Seeds Vase from Rig Tig. With YOUR TREE, reducing carbon dioxide emissions becomes an educational task for the youngest. Trees have the unique quality to positively contribute to the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air as they grow.

The YOUR TREE pot is available in four pastel colours, and with two types of seeds, so they can grow on your window sill. After nearly one year, you can plant it in the soil and, over time, it can grow from 20 to 30 meters high.

The second In&Out Cooking suggestion leads the little ones to the kitchen, where they can make delicious treats with their parents! We're talking about ice cream, with the Stackable Popsicle Moulds to make homemade ice cream healthily and naturally. The design allows them to be placed on top of each other, saving space in the freezer. The incorporated lid prevents the ice cream from getting any flavour or smell in the deep-freezer. The product includes easy recipes, and also lactose-free and a stick for each mould. The horizontal position of the design allows a more stable and easy filling.

Prepare delicious homemade ice creams and stack them!

Our next suggestion is the tableware sets for children that visually make everyone happier and want to spend more time at the table. Asa Selection's Children's Sets are the perfect gift for the little ones - the set consists of a plate, spoon, bowl, glass and a lovely children's book.

The back of each package also contains a craft guide so you can create your own plays - joy and fun for sure.

Because we all know that children love candy, we want to make sure that they eat it most healthily and preferably at home. That's why our next suggestion is the Microwave Popcorn Kit from Lékué! Super easy to prepare! Add corn, without any fat, and place the bowl in the microwave. Then, add the ingredients you want and eat directly from the container. It's easy to store and takes up very little space thanks to the folding function of the bowl.

Finally, leave both kids and grown-ups feeling excited to try our last suggestion - the Microwave Chocolate Fondue. Lékué's chocolate fondue helps you prepare a fondue in the microwave, without fuel or fire, avoiding potential accidents and keeping the chocolate warm for more than an hour. It comes with a base, a lid and four forks. The cover where you put the chocolate, has three compartments so you can customize the dessert. The perfect gift that will leave everyone mouth-watering!

On this particular day, besides the gifts, take the opportunity to spend quality time with the little ones.

Let yourself be inspired!