Le Palle Quadrate - Christmas balls turned into cubes

Published : 11/14/2020
Categories : Let yourself be Inspired

Le Palle Quadrate - Christmas balls turned into cubes

Alessi turns traditional Christmas balls into cubes! The result is contemporary and irreverent objects for an extraordinary Christmas!

Le Palle Quadrate by Alessi, created by Marcelo Joru and Massimo Giacon, recalls old Christmas decorations, a bit vintage, like something that came out of an old video game and remembers a time when the digital world was just beginning.

They can be hung on the Christmas tree or simply placed in a corner of your home making it even more special.

The collection includes 6 ornaments: a snowman, a Christmas tree, a Santa Claus, a reindeer, a star and a penguin.

The square balls are perfect for those who are looking for Christmas decorations full of fancy details and choose design objects to decorate their home.

Moments that last forever!