Yoga: Meet the main advantages!

Published : 03/23/2020
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Yoga: Meet the main advantages!

A healthy and balanced life requires changes in habits and with the fast pace we are going to, more and more, there are some aspects of our daily lives that can be affected. So, there are some practices that can help us maintain focus and balance - today we are going to talk about practicing yoga!
The practice of yoga has grown over the years and there are even those who consider it a philosophy of life, when alienated to a state of consciousness that brings together all the topics of our life: body, mind and emotions closely linked to each other for total balance and a healthy body.
Yoga has numerous advantages and benefits and In&Out Cooking will show you what they are so you can live a more peaceful and balanced life.

Decreases stress and anxiety - meditation helps the person to focus on the present by clearing the mind of past / future problems, which leads to greater emotional balance and a sense of inner peace - this also leads to an improvement in interpersonal relationships;

It promotes physical condition - the exercises and techniques used in the practice of this activity can improve the physical condition, the resistance and the strengthening of the muscles, thus helping the body to improve its performance in physical activities;

Helps to lose weight - The practice of yoga, indirectly, facilitates weight loss since, with the decrease of anxiety, the desire to eat also decreases. The positions and practice of it can also enhance weight loss depending on the type of yoga practiced;

Relieves physical pain - When practicing this activity, you will have greater body awareness, which means that you will have greater perception of posture, the way you walk and you will also be more attentive to signs of muscle tension. In this way, it is possible to correct changes, such as contractures, so that any changes are resolved and the muscle structure is relaxed, without causing damage to the spine and joints of the body.

Controls pressure and heart rate - Provides improved heart and lung function, regulates the nervous system and improves blood circulation, heart rate, blood pressure and, in addition to balancing the endocrine system, controls stress hormone levels like cortisol and adrenaline.

Improves sleep - In addition to causing relaxation and tranquility facilitating a good night's sleep, the practice of yoga also increases the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle, becoming deeper and with more quality. Having a relaxed body also makes rest better during the night providing more energy and good mood in the next day.

Pranayama (breath), asanas (posture) and dhyana (meditation) represent the main areas of this practice and for a better use of their potential, they must be aligned.
Yoga practice improves the quality of life, so try it out and tell us how you felt!

Live better, live with IN&OUT Cooking!

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