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The green outdoor torch Made in Colors has a design that adapts to any celebration and lasts for about 4 hours. The torch offers a light as reliable as it is safe. The product is of high quality. Create a space full of elegance, distinction and originality. Includes diffuser ring anti- mosquitoes geranium and citronella.

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BrandMade in Colors
Duration of combustion (h)About 4
Oil quantity (ml)300
Weight (gr)415

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The green hides his play. Certainly there is the chance games, destiny, fate and luck. Obviously, other than luck, it also represents wealth but also the strength. Green was the favorite color of many important people such as Newton and Mohammed or Napoleon. In our time, the green flame can free our physical or mental ailments. It restores the free flow of energy locked in the body. Green has become the flame of health, prosperity and abundance. This is a significant color some sense, especially in the field of health! Today, green is plébicité by his natural side, ecological.




Made in Colors is a brand specialized in the manufacture of outdoor torches that surprise for their colors and for their magnificent designs. Result of an investigation carried out for more than 20 years, this brand offers a surprising flame that provides a very relaxing and comforting effect to any outdoor decoration.

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