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The Microplane garlic cutter - small, compact and effective - is the smartest kitchen. With the photo-etched stainless steel blade - made in USA - cut garlic in small, uniform pieces, with a simple back and forth motion. Minimal contact with the garlic will also keep hands odour-free. Thanks to the ultra-sharp blades, the garlic is cut precisely and not crushed ensuring that the natural oils and flavors can fully develop. With the help of a small scraper, which is located inside the lid, the cut garlic is easily moved from the container to the plate.

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MaterialsStainless Steel.
Measures (cm)7,8x9,1x4.
Care InstructionsSimply rinse under running water and allow to drip dry. Also dishwasher safe.




Microplane is the brand of the best graters in the world and its history is quite peculiar. Thanks to a curious Canadian housewife who was making an orange cake and discovered that her husband's favorite woodworking tools was the best grater she had ever tasted, it produced the finest and most effortless orange zest. The discovery laid the foundations for the success of the Microplane. An indispensable utensil for amateur cooks and professional kitchen lovers!

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